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And now the Fortnite climate report…

Climate, within the type of tornadoes and lightning, was launched throughout Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Initially teased within the preliminary Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer, the various kinds of climate helps give the island a way of life in the same method to the introduction of wildlife throughout Chapter 2.

Be it a twister or a lightning, every type of climate can offer you a small profit. Although it might include a price.

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A Twister in Fortnite

Climate in Fortnite defined

Climate – be it a twister or a lightning – will kind in Fortnite roughly two minutes into the match when the storm everyone knows and love begins descending on the island.


The place the climate seems and which kind is chosen randomly, however, fortunately, each are seen from afar. This lets you both keep away from or journey in the direction of stated climate in an try to profit from their totally different results.

Lightning comes from the gray thunderstorm gray clouds, whereas tornadoes are far bigger and appear like, nicely, tornadoes.


Each can journey across the island, so, in the event you do not control the sky, you might end up within the midst of a storm!

Tornadoes in Fortnite defined

Tornadoes in Fortnite choose up particles – from automobiles to fallen bushes to anything which could cross their wake – as they journey throughout the island. This contains you!


Don’t be concerned if you end up within the grasp of a twister although; you will merely get a free trip, with out taking injury, as you glide across the cyclone. You may even take a choose into the attention of the storm, however, sadly, there’s not a lot to see.


If you’re prepared to go away, safely fly out of its path till you attain the bottom.

Lightning in Fortnite defined

Lightning strikes in Fortnite rein down upon the island and, typically, you from gray thunderstorms.

Lighting strikes at common intervals once you’re near or beneath a thunderstorm and, in Breath of the Wild style, sparks will seem on the part of floor the place it should land. If you wish to be, head to one among these sparky areas, however, if not, run!


To extend your possibilities of being struck by lightning, head into water or climb to greater floor when you’re close to a thunderstorm.

Should you’re hit by lightning, you will take 10 injury out of your well being, or protect if in case you have any, together with gaining a velocity enhance.

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