All the pieces You Want To Know About Materia In FFVII: The First Soldier

If you happen to’ve ever imagined Ultimate Fantasy ever changing into a aggressive on-line multiplayer expertise, then you definitely’re lastly in luck. Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier adopts the battle royale format and pits 75 gamers in opposition to each other on a single huge map of Midgar. Gamers will drop in and search frantically for weapons and equipment to be the final Soldier standing.

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Fight in Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is damaged down into two classes: bodily and magic. For followers of the storied collection, you’ll shortly perceive the final fundamentals of utilizing Materia, which is the catalyst for a way characters in Ultimate Fantasy use magic. Magic assaults may be extraordinarily highly effective, however expensive, and in a group mode, harmful to your squadmates. This information will break down all the things you should know on tips on how to correctly use magic in Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier.

Magic Factors

ff7 first soldier blizzard

Magic has ceaselessly been a type of attacking within the Ultimate Fantasy collection. Whereas the methods magic is used has differed in every respective sport, what’s required to efficiently forged magic hasn’t. In Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, you’ll want Magic Factors to forged spells. Materia-usage is limitless, although, so so long as you will have sufficient MP then you definitely’ll be positive.


The quantity of MP you will have will slowly improve all through matches as you stage up your character. MP will regenerate over time, however if you wish to replenish misplaced MP quicker then you possibly can devour Ethers, much like the unique sport. Ethers may be present in varied chests, provide drops, loss of life bins, and merchandising machines.

Varieties Of Materia

ff7 first soldier fire

In Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, there are a complete of 11 totally different Materia:

Fireplace Shoots a fireball ahead, could be troublesome to goal from a protracted distance however offers huge injury from shut and medium-range.
Blizzard Conjures an ice construction that may hearth ice projectiles at surrounding enemies.
Thunder Lighting bolts will strike a delegated space repeatedly.
Remedy Restores well being.
Comet Summons a number of comets to rain down on a delegated space, although there’s a slight delay earlier than influence.
Aero A gust of wind seems on the bottom, which might assist you to fly into the sky.
Increase Revives fallen teammates.
Defend Offers a barrier to cut back incoming injury.
Blind Deploys fog that impacts quick imaginative and prescient.
Gravity Produces a entice that may sluggish enemies down upon activation.
Bio Makes a toxic pool that inflicts injury to enemies that impacts them over time.

Every Materia may be upgraded, much like the unique sport, for instance, Fireplace will improve to Fira and Firaga. Materia is upgraded by amassing extra of the identical Materia. Troopers can carry three totally different Materia at a time. Which Materia you resolve to gather will depend upon should you’re taking part in solo or with teammates. Regardless, although, it’s best to all the time prioritize Remedy as a result of whereas potions also can heal you, you possibly can solely carry a restricted quantity. Remedy has limitless makes use of, so long as you will have sufficient MP.

When utilizing magic, checking your environment should be a prime precedence. Not solely does Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier have pleasant hearth, but it surely additionally has self-fire as effectively. Utilizing magic recklessly can inflict injury in your teammates or your self.

Summon Materia

ifrit and shiva

Summons are an necessary facet of battles within the Ultimate Fantasy universe, so it’s pure to see their inclusion in Ultimate Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. In contrast to the extensive choice of Materia, there are solely two Summons accessible within the sport:

Ifrit the enormous hearth demon, Ifrit performs Crimson Dive, dealing hearth injury to enemies from above
Shiva the ice goddess, Shiva makes use of Diamond Mud, an assault that inflicts devastating ice injury to the encompassing space

Though summoning Ifrit is a part of the preliminary coaching session, you possibly can’t entry the Summons throughout the coaching mode with different Troopers, and there’s no indication that Ifrit or Shiva are obtainable in matches.

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