‘Future 2’ Is As soon as Once more At A Vital Vault Area Emergency Level

Asking Bungie for extra vault area in Future 2 is a request as previous as the sport itself, and but we now have now reached what I’d argue is a much more important time than we now have seen earlier than, due to quite a few adjustments made to the sport.

We’re presently at 500 vault area slots, which appears like rather a lot in principle, and but it’s simple to have a virtually continuously maxed vault always, and it’s an issue that’s solely getting more and more worse and unsustainable as time goes on. Whereas extra vault area is all the time good to have, now, it’s kind of an emergency, I’d argue, and we’ve heard nothing about plans to broaden it.

What’s modified? Fairly a number of issues, truly, while you add all of them up.

  • The obvious, greatest change is the truth that gear sunsetting has been killed off, by well-liked demand. As soon as upon a time it appeared like each season you’ll be capable to clear out a very good portion of your vault as quite a few weapons had been “left behind” and unable to be additional infused. And whereas I agree that it’s good we removed that, that signifies that each season we’re including 20+ weapons and dozens of armor items with zero enlargement of the vault to comprise even a single roll of every merchandise.
  • Previous that, we simply added Stasis as a brand new elemental kind for each armor and weapons. So, that’s one other set of armor you need masterworked, and probably a number of variations of exotics to make use of totally different elemental varieties. And also you now have each stasis and kinetic weapons in the identical slot, a wholly new class of weapons that you simply’ll want to avoid wasting copies of.

  • The sport has additionally moved towards making elemental affinity on weapons extra vital, given the rise of elemental nicely builds and the rework of many exotics to require weapons that match your subclass kind. So this results in saving much more weapon varieties for extra construct conditions than you’ll have beforehand, now that elemental kind issues for extra than simply Match Sport.
  • Bungie retains buffing underused and underpowered perks and weapon varieties, so it’s onerous to really feel protected throwing loads of stuff away since you by no means know what subsequent season may maintain. I bear in mind trashing kind of each SMG and sidearm I had with Subsistence again after I realized it will drain all my ammo immediately, kind of. Then Subsistence obtained buffed. Then major ammo grew to become infinite. And now I really feel silly having to re-grind these. So now I’m susceptible to avoid wasting extra probably good weapons and rolls within the case of future buffs.
  • And saving something in any respect for sentimental worth? Neglect it. Sorry 30,000 kill sundown Breachlight or Bygones, there’s simply no room for you.

All of this has mixed to make 500 vault slots really feel tiny, and that’s not what you wish to see in a sport that’s all about gathering loot. I perceive that vault area is without doubt one of the trickiest issues to do on the dev aspect given the sheer scale of storage it might require throughout tens of millions of gamers with hundreds of things, however at this level, we now have hit a wall, and I can’t think about Witch Queen arriving and us not having the vault broaden then, although that has not been talked about but in any respect, which is regarding.

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