Every thing Invincible Leaves Out About Mars In The Comics

Warning: Spoilers for season 1 of Invincible forward. 

Amazon’s Invincible season 1, episode 4, “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Coronary heart Out” gave audiences a glimpse of what the universe’s Mars was like — however, there was loads that concerning the crimson planet that wasn’t included from the comics. The occasions of episode 4 come from Invincible Situation #18, and far of the episode’s plot comes straight from the comedian (apart from the design updates the Martians and their weapons acquired). Nevertheless, there may be extra to every little thing Invincible has proven to this point.

In Invincible episode 4, Mark is assigned to secretly journey on a mission to Mars with a view to ensure that every little thing goes easily. Cecil was anticipating a doable interference from the Martians, and he needed Mark there to take care of it ought to something occur whereas giving humanity the house to make an achievement on their very own. When Mark falls asleep on the job, the astronauts have been taken by the Martians to be executed to stop the unfold of the Sequids, a small species that take over host our bodies and function them via a hive thoughts. The Martian Emperor is impressed to search out that Mark just isn’t affected by them, however nonetheless insists on killing the people. Mark manages to flee Mars with the astronaut crew, leaving the Martians to deal with the Sequids themselves.

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There are nonetheless open questions on Mars that Invincible season 2 can handle: what’s going to occur to the planet now that the Sequid hooked up to one of many human astronauts? Why would one of many Martians disguise themselves to interchange a human and journey again to Earth? If the Coalition of Planets and the Viltrum Empire come to blows, the place will Earth’s closest neighbors stand— or will the reclusive society make a stand in any respect? Throughout the temporary teaser for season 2 on the finish of episode 8, there’s a glimpse of the Sequids, which means it is seemingly viewers shall be seeing them once more very quickly — till then, here is every little thing about Mars the sequence disregarded from the comics.

The Sequids Are A Slave Race

invincible sequids martian parasites explained

Whereas Invincible tells us a lot concerning the Sequids‘ talents, little is alleged to their backstory within the animated sequence. In episode 4, the Sequids are handled as a harmful pest — however in Situation 18, the Martian Emperor reveals that the Martians have been utilizing the Sequids as a slave species for lots of of years. He describes them as “simply manipulative” and “simply conquered.” By way of superior breeding, the Martians have been producing stronger and stronger Sequids over the centuries. Within the comics, the Martian Emperor is not apprehensive concerning the Sequids discovering a number as a result of they seem to be a hazard to the universe — however as a result of they’d be a hazard to Mars. He explains to Mark that the Sequids would certainly overthrow the Martian authorities in the event that they ever discovered a number, which is why the people (or “solids”) couldn’t be allowed to stay. This narrative has been disregarded of the animated sequence. As an alternative, the Martians declare they’re stopping world destruction by conserving the Sequids on Mars; whether or not or not that is true stays to be seen.

 The Martians Are An Superior Society

The throne room of Mars in Invincible

Invincible season 1 offers audiences a view of Mars’ underground society within the animated sequence, however Mars has gotten a serious redesign from the comics. In Situation #18, readers are given hints in the direction of how developed Mars is: as Mark is led down into Martian territory, it is a totally developed inside, stuffed with pipes and vents (and Sequids clearly at work). Within the animated rendition, Mark as a substitute finds a darkish, primitive-looking tunnel overrun with Sequids. In Situation #18, the Martians show their teleportation expertise and focus on how they’ve bred the Sequids into the right slave race; the animated sequence does not present this stage of expertise, and the Martians are proven extra as a naive race with expertise extra on par with Earth.

The Martian spears, although re-designed from the comics, are one of many few items of expertise which have crossed over from Situation #18. The Emperor’s design within the comics extra intently mimics these of the guards — he is an intimidating, muscular man who appears prepared for motion at any second. Within the animated sequence, nonetheless, his garb is extra papal in nature, and he strikes a a lot much less intimidating determine. This entire overhaul on the Martian Emperor and Martian Society might imply they’ve a special function to play in future seasons of Invincible

Mark Places Up A Larger Struggle

Martians from Invincible

On the finish of the Mars mission, Mark and the astronauts should retreat with a view to escape execution. Martians on the backs of beasts run them down throughout the arid planet, and electrical bolts fly throughout the sky behind them — and when Mark tries to take them on in a struggle, he is rapidly despatched out along with his tail between his legs. The struggle on the finish of Situation #18 of Invincible sees Mark with the ability to maintain his personal towards the Martians; he is capable of blast via teams of them and take a number of of them one on one. This distinction could also be as a result of the Mars mission occurs at a special level of the timeline within the comics. By Situation #18, Mark has already confronted Omni-Man, began working for Cecil Stedman, and begun school; within the animated sequence, it occurs comparatively early on when it comes to Mark’s talents. Due to this timeline discrepancy, it is sensible that Mark is a bit in over his head in episode 4 as in comparison with the comics.

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The Martian Shapeshifter Reveal

Invincible Martian Rus Livingston

The tip of episode 4 offers audiences solely a tease to allude at one thing the Invincible comics affirm. Because the astronauts are retreating from Mars, one of many astronauts’ American flag patch strikes by itself. Because the digicam pans right down to the floor of Mars, it is revealed that that very same astronaut has fallen sufferer to the Sequids — so who’s on the ship? Followers of the comics would know that the imposter aboard the ship is a Martian who has shifted himself to resemble Rus Livingston, one of many astronauts on the Mars mission.

Situation #19 follows Rus again house after a “profitable” Mars mission, however behind closed doorways, Rus’s vissage offers approach to the Martian’s pure state. At this level within the comics, it is not defined why the Martian has come to Earth — however, the comics do affirm his presence on Earth will the animated sequence has not to this point. With Invincible being authorised for seasons 2 and three, there may be hopefully extra about this fascinating civilization to return in future episodes.

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